Best Advises for Implementing New Trends in Web Design in 2017

When it comes to web design features, these evolve as web based technologies change over time. As developments are rapid in this space, web designers need to make the most of the new features and advancements that are introduced to offer optimal functions and advantages to their clients. As tools and applications are newly launched or made more efficient, these offer opportunities for web designers to try different techniques or offer unique elements in website design for their clients. Some key changes to incorporate in web design are discussed below.

Impact of graphics

Going Retro With a Modern Touch

It cannot be ignored that graphics or even the basic elements like colors have an impact on website design. The color choices that are made for a website will determine how a viewer will react to a website, especially on first glance. The influence on emotions and reactions of viewers has a direct impact on how long such people will linger at a site. This in turn had direct link to conversion rates. For such reasons, the choice of colors as a basic element in website design remains a key influential factor even today. One of the key color tones for 2017 is greenery. This is a result of several surveys made as per the reaction of people to different color shades and the choicest color that seems to have a soothing effect on many. Green is known to symbolize new beginnings. It is a revitalising shade as well as refreshing to the eye. Hence, it would help a web designer to keep this color in mind when they are designing new websites from scratch. Of course, there are guides to color combinations that one can look at in order to inspired further. Google issues a material design template which showcases the latest trends in colors and other design elements.

The eighties and nineties still remain as major influences when it comes to using imagery in web design. This shows up in different web design elements like pixel art or typography. This can help a web designer know where to start. Choosing a theme or style can help plan the different web design elements accordingly. There can be several kinds of retro inspired themes which would also factor in the main subject matter of the website being designed. Incorporating pixel art style in the modern or semi modern way is an example of how retro elements can be infused in modern web design.

Use of Cinemagraph

This is a unique feature that has become an ongoing trend in many web design approaches. Photos with elements that have repetitive movements are being seen to be used in several contexts. There are different possibilities in using such a technique. When this technique is well used it can create visual imagery for a website that is stunning and captivating. Here GIF or video files are used whose file sizes influence the end result. Hence, a balance need to be struck on creating stunning cinemagraphs and websites that are not too time consuming to load.

The Material Design Concept

This is a concept that Google introduced to the world of web design in 2014. This principle derives from designing a website with paper and pen or ink which then takes on a digital form. The features of such a website design approach is to incorporate edges and shadows that will indicate where someone should touch or go to. This is a concept or methodology that has grown and continues to be part of web design concepts and approaches in 2017. There are several themes as well as templates that are offered by supportive CMS tools accordingly.

There are several other website design trends to look forward to as the year moves ahead. However, web designers need to make use of current or new trends as they see fit or what works best for a client website. The main approach or subject matter of the website should be the deciding factor that should influence the choice of themes and other element designs for a customer website. That is the approach that makes the work of any web designer successful.

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