With the changing times, ways of doing business are also undergoing an alteration process. Web designing has redefined the ways of online trading done by any new entrepreneur.

For keeping up with the new trends of online shopping, designers are coming up with new web designing trends every year. But thankfully there are new web designing tools which are released each year. These new tools help designers in tackling the new demands of the clients for making new and unique front designs for them.

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Let’s check some of the new tools for 2019 that will be helpful for the web designer.

1.    PixelModo

PixelModo is very easy to use the designing tool.

This online app helps the designer in creating new and stunning graphics images with ease. While avoiding copyright issues, searching for the right images would be very difficult. PixelModo is very easy to use the designing tool. This designing tool is used for developing new images and graphics from scratch. The designer can load any text and image directly from Web pages into the editor with the help of Chrome Extension.

This app has a huge database that consists of millions of high-quality graphic designs and images. These images can be used for customizing your own graphic designs according to your needs. A web designer can also save or share the final picture in your library or in any social media sites.

2.    Sketch

This is another online application is a well-known UI design tool. This tool is highly flexible and is very user-friendly when compared to the traditionally used Photoshop.

In Sketch, sorting and revising your previous document is much easier. Sizes of the files are much smaller when compared to Photoshop.

This online application has various plugins that help in making the work of designer more efficient and faster. There are plugins for every little function that is required by the designers.

3.    Squoosh

This app can also work in offline mode as well as online mode.

This application is built by Google. Squoosh compress any images without having any effect on the picture quality. This app is perfect for web designer and also for any general user who wants to compress their images. This app can also work in offline mode as well as online mode.

You simply just have to drag and drop the picture on the interface. After that use the slider for setting the compression that is required.

This application lets you have a perfect balance between the size of the file and the quality of the picture.

4.    Mason

This platform is used for building front-end designs for your website. Mason provides all the building blocks that are required for developing any new websites.

The database of the online platform contains coding for news feeds, user profiles, dashboards and many more essential parts for developing the website.

With the building blocks present in the platform, the web designer can customize these fronts accordingly. You can also export the coding from the front-end designs to your web designing database.

5.    Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a great platform for prototyping the intended website to the clients.

This software use wire-framing and vector design for developing new designs for websites. In the latest version, Adobe XD has now also added voice prototyping. This tool also includes drawing accessories which help in defining non-static interactions in the website design.

This tool also has sharing tools for receiving feedback and specific design previews for both desktop and mobile formats.

Adobe XD is a great platform for prototyping the intended website to the clients. This platform is very user-friendly and very easy to use.

The above are some of the web designing tools that are used by many web designers for creating new and unique websites. We use these tools along with several other tools for making your sites that are different from other peoples.