We at MeritWeb believe in building websites that are not mere domains but windows to a business entrepreneur’s dream or insight into novel ideas, services and products that an individual or entity plans to put out there. From our design expertise perspective, we provide solutions that are futuristic and will hold in the future as well and not simply a present solution.

With this aim in mind we put our minds to harnessing the best in technology and offering a sustainable framework and layout which can accommodate content and features of a business website or simply an informational blog. No matter what your website design requirement is, we have the experience, knowhow and technology to get you a cutting edge online presence.

We approach every project with an individualised approach. Every client as well as their project requirements is unique and that is how we treat every new customer project that comes our way. With the years of experience we have there are several best practices we have accumulated which we put to use as per the client website requirements which arise.

Discovery is an important aspect of understanding what a client needs. We stress on understanding every angle of a client’s ideas, what he or she visualises in their website and how that can be achieved. The main idea or drive that defines a website needs to be understood by us completely as well as in sync with what our client believes in.

Based on our understanding we make recommendations on what we will build and how the building process will be. Again, many clients would want marketing services or branding activities to be done along with website design and development. We understand the scope of each project and pitch forward our costs considering the budget that the client has in mind.

Any kind of development work that we provide incorporates an agile approach. As web design and development is a fluid and evolving process, we need to evaluate constantly and make adjustments, as per client’s requirements, reviews and what is the best that web technologies can offer. As a result, our support for website design and development of client sites does not end. We endeavour to constantly re evaluate our approach and incorporate quality work and efficient output for our client. Continuous integration of different page layouts as well as an automated approach to testing and development help us to deliver project within a short period of time.

Responsive designs is the mainstay of modern website design approaches and that is an expertise we have inculcated as well. We have a mobile approach to website design which ensures that any layout that is designed for a client website enables for optimization of the same on different devices with differing resolutions.

Our design team have functional and innovative solutions to offer, as per what a client wants in the overall look and feel of their website. No website design service is complete if layout and content features are not tuned for the best of online marketing activities. Hence, SEO features in content design as well as traffic generation and other lead generation activities are support functions that we provide to our website design projects as well.

We know that every website we design is simply a baby that needs to be equipped for growth. Hence, we offer a scalable solution, whether it is with the website layout or the content management framework. Our services are not a one time solution but include terms for long term support as well. We understand the need for frequent changes that are a part of any client website design project. With ongoing marketing activities and changes that need to be done to make the best of traffic growth opportunities, our design and marketing team’s expertise can be availed long term, as a strategic partnership with our clients. We believe that any successful project is not a one time deliverable but a partnership that needs to be ongoing in order to bring in appreciable results and support provided as and when growth driven changes come into requirement for client websites and domains.