Top 10 Web Sites to Follow the Trends in Web Design in 2017

When it comes to website design there are several websites that help this community of experts and professionals in several ways. Web design is a creative and evolving work sphere where inputs from leaders in the industry is appreciated. Not only does it help one to stay abreast of the latest technologies and design trends in vogue but also helps compare and recognise some of the innovative and quality works done by professionals in this field. Here are the top ten websites who provide useful information and works that help benchmark and guide professionals in this field.


The Next Web

This is website that is dedicated to recognising the efforts put in by web designers and developers across the world to create innovative web designs and use latest features of web technology. This site lists out nominees and award them according to different categories. Useful information on web design trends can also be found through expert opinion content on this website.lock pattern.

This is a website that can provide insightful information on current web design trends. If you look at the website and what they offer, it is a forum where web conference events are showcased or relevant information put up. From promoting web related events conferences it has become a hub where latest information for web designers can be found here. There are several other featured offerings on the site such as market intelligence offerings, news and deals that are facilitated by this web news platform.


Another handy website for web designers, this site not only offers tips on design trends and technology but also works as a platform for web developers to track different applications that they are working on.


This is a dependable site for all businesses and it has a dedicated section for IT and web based companies. Hence, useful resources and news topics on web design can be sourced from this site every year.


It is a website dedicated to web design. From themes to plugins and other tools, it is a platform that offers resources for both developers and designers. Blog articles on web design trends can also be found here.

1st Web Designer

There are several web design company websites out there but this portal has gained credibility over the years. that is not only for the different tools and resources it offers for web design but also in the kind of information and knowhow it offers to the web designer community in general..


This website has innovative services for website design including coding services as well. Providing helpful links and resources in general for web design is one useful aspect of this website.


This is a site that has free web design services as well along with big brand names that have used their services. Hence, referring to their blog articles for web design tips makes sense.

The Best Designs

This is a site that focuses on offering innovative website themes and design ideas. There are new and unusual themes to explore on this site. Additionally, helpful blog articles on the site such as on website design trends brings helpful information for all those who seek such knowhow.


This is a website that offers a comprehensive range of services for website content and development. From coding requirements to design development aid as well as social media packages, this company website has much to offer. Being a member of the website design community, it also hosts useful articles and informative resources like design trends and other technology linked content.The above websites are either company portals that have design services on offer or are platforms where web designers and developers can find useful links and tools. Being part of the web design community they are forerunners in declaring trends that emerge in this industry and provide insights of their own. These portals offer market trends and survey results as well as invite professionals in the same industry to contribute their findings and insights. Hence, for any company that is new in web design, liaison with these sites can be helpful in gaining ground in the competitive world of web design and development services.

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