At, we understand that technology is evolving fast and web designing sails on the same ship. Web design is no longer something that leaves people agape as it has been around for quite some time now. While it is true that some tech geniuses are nicking a living through web design services, it is only a matter of time before they become obsolete. The field of Web Designing is undergoing a rapid change, and only those who will be able to adapt to the changes will survive the tides.

Brother Crush - Controversies Guaranteed!

Brother Crush – Controversies Guaranteed!

First and foremost – controversial content

This is correct. Controversies bring users, bring clicks and bring money. How many times you saw beautiful designs and yet nobody visited such websites. Let’s forget about it once and for all – take Brother Crush for example. It features adults-only videos dedicated to taboo niche of step family sexual relations. What is even more controversial, we are talking about homosexual relations between step brothers. Can you imagine?

As you will see in this blog, web designing has several new trends that allow the use of responsive designs. For instance, if you can use your smartphone to conduct other tasks, it means that your device is built in a way that it is responsive. From the web designs trends, we can tell that money (though important) will not play a determinant role because developers are determined to bring new web design revolution regardless of the costs involved. As a result, we created a list of web design trends to watch out for in 2018:

  1. Broken Grid Layouts

Web designers have a never-ending desire to create layouts that are more creative and that engage their users well. So far, we have been able to rely on the grid layouts, but that may soon change depending on the web design trends.

  1. Brutalism will reach mainstream status

In the year 2018, we highlighted the rise of brutalism in one of our blogs seeking answers as to how this was possible. Brutalism is the idea of allowing web designers to do what they feel like without restrictions from the host companies. While it was merely a hint last year, brutalism is likely to be evident sooner rather than later, and it is one of the web design trends to watch out for in 2018.

  1. We will see more shapes

We foresee a trend where organic and oblique shapes are likely to storm into the web design as well. For both web and mobile designs, card-based UIs have been dominating for a long time. These cards come in shapes such as sharp edge and right angles. The problem with these shapes is that they expose the geometry of the underlying divs making thereby reducing their efficiency. From late 2017, there has been a big change in these shapes with the developments seeing every Google app having rounded corners. At, we think that this technology is going to be better and the shapes improved in the coming years.

  1. There will be more pervasive interactions and animations

Since the web is not a static media, we foresee a period where there will be more pervasive interactions and animations. We may also witness unexpected rates of scrolling as a result and faster page transitions.

  1. Serifs will put everything into the game

From the traditional days where there were non-retina screens that provided poor and sticky fonts, Serifs have improved a lot. In the coming years, we expect that the platform will continue to feed us with fine polish, elegance, and refinement.

Just like many other technological fields, web design is bound to undergo costlier changes in the near feature. However, we are ready for anything that comes our way, and we have predicted some of the web design trends to watch out for in 2018. Things look good ahead.